Crytur's expertise in providing perfect single crystal sapphire tubes is the result of more than 70 year of experience in crystal growing. Although a significant part of Crytur's production originates from Czochralski crystal growth, EFG (Stepanov) has become the key method for growing sapphire products. The company's fully automated pulling machines and our own in-house proprietary design guarantee perfectly twin and microbubble-free sapphire tubes.


Automated process control allows achieving high tolerance on diametert whenever required. Strict process conditions control result in an extremely pure material. Sapphire (Al2O3) purity higher than 99,995%.

However, the key feature is our protected thermal zone design guarantying perfect homogeneity of the grown material without any tension in the crystal.

The excellent properties and strength of Sapphit™ – single crystal tempered sapphire free of any internal defects are demonstrated; e.g. by its unmatchable strength or higher resistance to thermal shock.