Sapphit™ single crystal sapphire tubes properties:


Heat Resistant 

Sapphit™ high resistance characteristics make it an ideal material for applications operating in extreme conditions such as high temperatures up to 2000°C, extremely high pressure or harsh chemical environments. Sapphire tubes retain their shape perfectly until melting point.

Pressure resistant

Strong material stiffness allows sapphire tubes to bear high pressures even at high temperatures. Sapphire capillaries can hold up to a couple of hundred bar.

Gas tight

No process residue can penetrate a sealed sapphire tube and compromise the wiring inside a thermocouple. Sapphit™ is very resistant to attacks from aggressive gases.


Sapphit™ is grown as single crystal in a strictly controlled environment. Our strictly controlled production process allows us to achieve very high material purity over 99,995% of nothing but Al2O3. The implementation of Sapphit™ into clean production processes is without risk of process contamination.

Chemmically Resistant

Sapphire tubes provide a near total resistance to acids and alkaline substrates and even to fluorination agents.


Just one grade under diamond, sapphire is one of the hardest minerals. Sapphit™ components are scratch-proof and extremely wear resistant. Sapphire tubes maintain high strength even in extreme temperature conditions


  • Excellent optical properties
  • High thermal conductivity, low electric conductivity, no porosity
  • Perfect crystal lattice
  • High electrical resistivity
  • Bio compatibility